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At Kösta Bowls, we love that we’re able to provide a wide variety of super fruit bowl options to our awesome customers! These super fruit bowl bases include acai, pitaya, coconut, banana, blue-majik, green bowls, and more. All of our bowls and smoothies are always fresh blended with real fruit – no ice, and all natural ingredients.

We believe that eating on the go should not only taste good, but also make you feel good!

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One of the most difficult aspects to our daily operations at Kösta Bowls is sourcing as many deliciously organic ingredients as possible, while keeping all of them fresh! We simply stock only the most delectable and nutrient packed ingredients that we can get our hands on. On top of all that, our Kösta Krew members hand pick as much as we can, when we can, so that none of our ingredients are short of perfect for our customers!





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Smoothies & Parfaits.

If you are looking for a slightly simpler treat, we’ve got you covered. Kösta Bowls also offers all REAL FRUIT smoothies – no ice, along with our fresh-to-order parfaits. These filling treats will keep you running throughout your day!

Smoothies Parfaits